Welcome to  1 United States Corporation

This company is about The United States of America.  We believe in our freedoms, privileges, immunity, inherent and unalienable rights as secured by the federal and state constitutions. We believe in working together as 1 nation,1 body, 1 people. We support our God-given rights, despite, many differences, genetic traits,  history, preconceived assumptions, and thought processes. Our love for this country is only superseded by God, family, and those in need. Our purpose is to protect, enlighten, educate, assist Americans and American-based businesses.

1 United States aims to provide necessary facts, figures, constitutionally based leverage, and information. We do this to balance out unfairness and biases, that take advantage of unsuspecting citizens, veterans, and businesses. Our goals are to help, heal, bond, raise awareness, organize, embolden  Americans who desire assistance. It is our belief that this will strengthen America and revive the American dream that 1 can dream and follow 1 pursuit of happiness.

Terrell Tyrone Page

Introduction By: M.M. Terrell – Tyrone: Page Sr.
1 United States encompasses creativity, wisdom, power, and strength. Whilst Seeking hidden truths, facts, knowledge, and data for its agenda and goals.